Blob's Story

Are you ready to dive into an incredibly atmospheric love story? The story about two blobs in love who just want to be together. But in order to achieve this, like Romeo and Juliet, they need to overcome many barriers. Want to bring two blobs together and be the hero of their love saga? In Blob's Story, you are supposed to cut the ropes that keep the bouncy blobs apart, help them reach each other's slimy embrace, and collect pretty flowers along the way. The fantastic music and stylish graphics will allow you to get in the romantic atmosphere of absolute magic. This cute puzzle game will arouse the warmest feelings and will make you believe in a true love.


  • 100% family game
  • interesting levels
  • stylish graphics
  • romantic music and magical atmosphere


Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Physics, Cut
Age Rating: All Ages
Platform: iOS/Android